The Mental Game of Lifting

Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow lifter, we were just talking shop. Then the conversation of the bench press came up. So I went on to tell him that I’ve been increasing my squat and deadlift steadily but my bench is stuck at 175.

What he said next kind of changed lifting for me. He went on to tell me, “You should just push through to a heavier weight because 175 is heavier and its not getting lighter you are just getting stronger so you need to push through those mental barriers, and just keep going heavier.”

So the next time I had a chest day I tried 180 and nailed it then all of the sudden I kicked the door in on my “plateau” of 175 and jumped up to 205 just last week and i’m still increasing.

Being enlisted I quickly adapted to way of thinking because in the military they preach mind over matter so I was well groomed in this sort of thought. Next time you believe you plateau’d I hope you think of this and go that extra step. But remember to keep proper form in mind and use a spotter because it can become risky business.

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