Can you Go on a Supplement Only Diet?

With so much new science coming out of the fitness industry and so many supplement companies competing, eventually; we are going to end up with pills that are a whole meal that I used to see on cartoons growing up.

But the question today is can you live on a supplement only diet? Yes. Yes you can survive on a supplement only diet. The supplement industry has made great advances in their products and there are so many now you have one for everything. The problem with supplements is that no matter how awesome they are they don’t complete the whole equation. Three or four days in to a supplement only diet your energy levels will deplete and any physical activity would be fairly difficult and it would only get worse from their. You won’t die but its not healthy either.


Supplements are best when used as they are intended, to supplement a diet. Having a good diet and using supplements to make it even more well rounded or even an extra push of protein so you can make those gains is the best way to do it. Supplements never have and never will beat a well rounded diet but combine them together and that’s a beautiful thing.

A well rounded diet with proper supplementation would look something like this.

Breakfast: 2 eggs could how you like



protein shake and multi vitamin

snack protein bar

lunch: chicken breast sandwhich


post work out: protein shake

dinner: Lean meat

steamed vegetable

potato, rice, or beans

snack: protein bar

desert: ice cream

Protein: 175g

Carbs: 249g

Fat: 91g

Sugar: 113g

Calories: 2, 500

Obviously this is for someone that is trying to gain mass, but it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s needs.

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