Salt is not your Enemy

Do no be afraid of sodium. It plays a vital role in the regulation of bodily fluids so there is absolutely no reason to limit your intake.

People often think that consuming too much sodium will ultimately lead to increased water retention, but avoiding it is actually what can cause this exact problem to occur.

Sudden spikes in sodium may contribute to some form of water retention, so do your best to keep things consistent. If you eat a lot of sodium, then your body is likely going to become accustomed to it in time.

Not only does sodium help with giving you insane pumps & vascularity, it’s also crucial for the transportation of potassium to the muscle cell which will help contribute to a much fuller look.

Removing sodium from your diet in an attempt to ‘drop water’ will only result the opposite happening  you’ll hold water & likely look flat & smooth. keep sodium (and fluid) intake consistent and do not restrict it if you want to look your best consistently. You aren’t smarter than your body, so don’t try to trick it into a ‘drier’ appearance by depriving it of something.

Besides, salt is one of life’s gifts – and arguably the best way to enhance the flavour of your meals, particularly when dieting.

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