Is the Anabolic Window Real?

I fell victim to the anabolic window in my early gym years rushing to get a prorein shake with the first 30-60 minutes post workout and the funny thing is I trained myself so well I still do to this day sometimes think like this.


While gym bros would like you to believe this is the key to gains in reality it is far from the truth. There are some studies suggesting your body is primed for nutrient absorption & information pointing towards muscle protein synthesis (MPS) being elevated immediately post workout, but there are also studies suggesting MPS is elevated for up to 24-36 hours post-workout. Yup! 24-36 hours! That means if you workout regularly you are always primed for nutrient absorption.


That means exercise and meeting your macros for the are still top two keys to success in fitness, and the anabolic window is pretty much last. If chugging a protein shake post workout works for you by all means be my guest. I still do it sometimes, but that not where the gains are coming from bro.


Just make sure you are hitting macros and exercising regularly and your gains will be endless. Lets the rest work itself out, there is no need to be so rigid. Feel free to push a meal back or cheat a little on the weekend, you wont die if you forget your protein shaker at home.

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