On Thursdays after I finish my strength training for the week I like to do a muscular endurance day. It occurred to me that my muscular endurance day is a bunch of different supersets, so I decided to tell you guys all about supersets today and why you should be doing them.


What is a superset? Although the name varies depending on the amount of exercise you do, a superset is two or more exercises performed with no breaks in between.


Different types of supersets:

Supersets: are typically just two exercises performed without a break I.E tricep pulldown, Tricep extension.

Tri-set: A tri-set is exactly what it sounds like. It is three exercise performed in succession.

Circuit: A circuit is four or more work outs performed without a break.


Each one of these is use full in its own way.

Supersets are good for getting a good burn on a specific muscle group by working it in twice but from different angles. Not only will you get a good burn but you will most likely reach hypertrophy by the end of the third set.

Circuits are useful to work your whole body in a short amount of time. Upping your heart rate witch not only has cardiovascular benefits but increases the overall caloric burn of the workout.

Tri-sets are kind of a tweener and can be used to achieve hypertrophy on a single body part or the cardio and calorie burn benefits. I like to use tri sets on my abd hitting the upper, lower, and obliques all in one huge tri-set.

These types are exercise are the foundation of crossfit, every WOD (workout of the day) is a superset, tri-set, or circuit if you think about it. Crossfit just is unorganized and throws out random workouts which is ridiculous if you ask me.


So why should you superset? Supersets are mostly useful when you are looking to lose weight  but are still looking to add strength. You will get the added cardiovascular work and muscle fatigue witch leads to a huge amount of calories burned. But you will get tired fast if done correctly witch limits the amount of weight you can lift at one time translating to less strength gains.

If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject comment below.

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