Losing Weight Made Simple

When it comes to losing weight its pretty simple you have three options.

1. Get more active.

2. Eat less.

3. All of the Above.

The third method is definitely most effective,  but the science is simple burn more calories than you eat, eat less calories than you burn, or both.


“But I don’t like working out.” Nobody said you had to “workout” just find an activity you enjoy doing. That can be done on a daily basis like walking, jogging, basketball, or jump roping. Then do it everyday, I am just lucky that the activity I enjoy daily is pushing weight.


“Tracking calories seems like a lot of work.” Your right it does, but it’s 2016 so there are a ton of apps that will do all the work for you. Just type in your weight loss goals and activity levels then they will calculate the calories and nutrients for you. All you have to do is log your food intake.


Lastly, as this is the only truly effective way to lose weight, eventually you will shed pounds and as you get lighter you burn less calories doing daily activity, making it increasingly harder to lose weight. What you will need to do is either eat even less calories, or up your activity level. I prefer the latter because you need x amount of calories to sustain brain function and things of that nature. I don’t need people falling out and blaming my website.


If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject comment  below.

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