The Down Low on Fruit

Fruit has caught a bad rap lately people say things like “It’s full of fructose, toxins, or it will make you fat”

In theory yes fruit has sugar, it absorbs toxins for pesticides, and the way sugar in fruits react with liver enzymes produce fat.

But here is why all of those things are not to fret and fruit should be part of any healthy diet. Fructose aka sugar from an apple can easily be converted to glycogen for instant energy. Considering one apple has about 100 calories if any of those extra glycogen gets turned into fat, it shouldn’t be too hard to burn off. As long as you remain in a calorie deficit.

All 100 calories of that apple aren’t even fructose. Fruits unlike candy  are filled with tons of other nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and are generally high in fiber. Those are all essential vitamins for heal, body building, and weight loss.

Lastly fruit can combine great with the protein of your choice to make an amazing protein shake. Try Peanut Butter Whey with Strawberry and Banana.

If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject comment  below.

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