Common Squat Mistakes

Yesterday when I was in the gym this guy was squatting, he started with a good warm up then all the sudden he threw on 225. His back was bending so much I thought he was going to fall flat on his face. Even the guy on the bench next to said, “What the hell is he doing?”

The squat is probably the one move of all moves to not get wrong considering all the weight is resting on your spine. Make sure to follow these rules to avoid any squatting injuries.


Rule 1 Go wide

Widen your stance to avoid having your knees cave inward. As well as a wider stance flex your glutes, and make sure your hip adductors nice and loose.


rule 2 Get Parallel

On your contraction or downward motion you legs should be prallel with the flower. You can even go lower but not higher. If you can’t get that low, lower your ego and use less weight.


Rule 3 Think of the Glutes

Squats work quads but the bigger your squat the more power you need from your glutes and hamstrings. Think about sitting back not just squatting down.

Rule 4 Tighten Up

Not getting tight can be a serious mistake. Grip the bar as hard as you can, the tighten through your core and back. The more muscles you activate the stronger your lift.

If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject comment  below.


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