How to Improve Your Bench

So you’ve been benching every chest day since the day you’ve been working out and you have finally reached a weight you just can’t push past. In the weight training world we call this a plateau. Well today I’m going to give you some tips so you can push past that plateau, and never have it happen again.


  1. Progressive over load: Increase the weight even if you can only get out one rep of a heavier weight just throw it on there and keep trying. Eventually that weight will turn into two reps, So on and so forth until you reach your desired amount of reps. That’s when it is time to increase weight again.

2.  Vary workouts: Instead of doing barbell bench every chest day switch it up. Start with an incline press or maybe use dumbbells instead a barbell.

3. Train more frequently: Training chest more frequently can increase gains tremendously. Make sure you are training on opposite days of the week to avoid over training and muscle fatigue.

4. Widen your grip: A wider grip can decrease the range of motion, which is useful for guys like me with longer arms. Be aware a wider grip can put more pressure on your shoulder so if it becomes painful stop. Always listen to your body.


5. Don’t lift your feet: In fact do the exact opposite, drive your feet into the ground as hard as you can, especially on those last reps. It’s ok if you raise your glutes off the bench, use all the muscles possible to push out those last couple.

6.Tuck in your elbows: Flaring your elbows can lead to pec tears and/or a shoulder strain, it increases range of motion witch is not conducive to increasing weight, and you are more likely to get wobbly arms from fatigue in your elbow.

7. Tighten up: Along with driving your feet into the ground. Tighten your glutes and core along with every other muscle possible. The more muscles you activate the more power you can generate.


8. No bouncing: Bouncing reps are cheat reps. Pause for half a second before lifting to decrease momentum. Don’t start half repping either. Each rep should hit right below your sternum.

If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject comment  below.

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