Fasting and Why You Should Be Doing It.

Fasting is when you don’t injest any food or drink for an extended amount of time. Technically you fast every night when you sleep. The idea of fasting sucks pretty bad, and I wont lie to you it does suck pretty bad in the beginning when your body isn’t used to it. If you are willing to stick it out fasting can be very beneficial.


  1. The best thing about fasting is it really frees up your diet if you are the kind of person that really enjoys junk food like I am. There are many other reasons why I would suggest more nutrient dense foods, but technically you can get away with eating bad foods and still cut if you fast properly.

2. When you fast Insulin levels drop and human growth hormone increases meaning more gains.

3. You also eat less calories naturally using intermittent fasting, while boosting your metabolic rate. Making it very effective when wanting to lose belly fat.

4. It can also reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar levels in men, reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes. Additionally fasting can help fight inflamation, a key factor in fighting common disease. i.e the cold or flu

5. Fasting improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, and triglycerides leading to a healthier heart.


So how do you fast? well some people will pick one day a week where they just don’t eat food for about 30 hours. Personally I prefer fasting for 16 hours a day. Leaving me 8 hours to get the my nutrients I need so I don’t lose my gains. I always workout fasted then have my first meal as soon as I can after lifting, and that’s when I start my 8 hour window. I also save tons on food I find that I only eat two meals a day when fasting and snack pretty hardcore inbetween. If you have any more question about fasting or would like info on anther topic feel free to ask questions in the comments. As always thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Fasting and Why You Should Be Doing It.

  1. If I were to start fasting, how many hours would you say is a good place to start? I usually have coffee around 7AM, breakfast around 9 and dinner around 7pm. Thanks!

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    1. well it sounds to me you are already have a 14 hour fast between your dinner and breakfast, which is honestly a decent fast. I usually shoot for 16 hours so maybe move dinner up to 5pm instead of 7pm. Just make sure that your coffee is black add some milk if you have to and artificial sweeteners are ok but not recommended because of other health side effects.

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      1. Oh that’s good to hear 🙂 I’ll see if I can gradually increase that timeframe. And yes, removing sugar from my morning cuppa is on my to-do list. Appreciate it!

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