The Wonderful World of Cardio

I feel like cardio has become the forgotten man in the fitness world. Most trainers shrug off cardio and say you don’t really need it because you get enough of it from lifting weights. But what if someones goal wasn’t really to put on lean mass but to strictly take mass off? Then Cardio is for you.

I will admitt runners body is not the most appealing body for men or women, but their are  a lot of benefits from cardio that you can’t get from lifting weights.

  1. You Burn More Calories: you burn more than 1 ½ the calories doing cardio than resistance training. So if losing weight is your goal cardio is the way to go.
  2. Improved heart health: Although you get your heart rate up during resistance training, nothing gets it going like a good long distance run.
  3. Increased brain health: cardio helps increase oxygen and blood flow, and the more oxygen and blood you can get to your brain, the more effectively it will work.


Lets talk about different types of cardio, every body knows you can walk, run or jog.

But what about interval training better known as HIIT: High intensity interval training can be done very many ways. Just pick your favorite exercise and do it as hard as you can for about 30 seconds then rest for 3o seconds and repeat for ten minutes. By the end of the ten minutes your heart will be beating out of your chest, I’m sure of it.

Jumping rope is another great exercise, get a single jump rope and see how long you can go before you fall on your face.

Cycling is another great way, and it is easier on your joints than running.

Rowing is a great exercise for cardio either a boat or the machine at the gym it makes no difference, you also have the added benefit of some resistance training when you row.

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