Ripped for Spring Break Part 3

So here I am, back with the part of my ripped for spring break series.

So far we have talked about

1. Drink water all the time

2. Straight liquor and light beer

3. Workout 3 times a week

4. 20 grams of protein in every meal

5. Fruit and protein every morning.

6. Do compound lifts

Today we are going to break off into two different sections cutting and bulking. If you are naturally skinny and a hard gained you are bulking everyone else is cutting.

Eat at buffets. I know this can get a little spendy but you want to up your calorie in take to maximum levels in order to tak on mass. If you are in college eat st the school cafeteria its cheap and has no limits on food per person.

Eat sugar post workout. Your body is insulin resistant so you want to spike your insulin as well as up your protein intake. I suggest milk, ice cream, or chocolate milk.

Swimming sprints. The reason why you should swim is the thermal load of water. the details are simple. You burn calories twice as quickly because your body disperses heat in the cold water. When your body disperses heat it has to work twice as hard to keep you warm.

I would do swimming sprints where you swim one lap as fast as you can then rest. Do this 10 times and it will help you burn the fat faster if needed.

Cut simple carbs
We have already banished soda from your diet now all your favorite treats must go

-White Bread
-Ice Cream
-Most Cereals
-White Rice

Just keep in mind you only have to stay off the good stuff for three weeks. So here’s the recap if you are bulking eat. Lots of food and sugar post workout. If you are cutting swim sprints and cut out simple sugars.

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