Ripped for Spring Break Part 1

Ok, so we are about a month away from spring break and lets face it your post holiday diet and exercise routine hasn’t gone as planned. Well I have the cure for you, every week for the next four weeks I’m going to give you 3 tips to build up your fitness plan until  spring break. By the time spring break is hear you will be beating the girls off with a stick.

Rule 1: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again water is the best supplement you can get into your body. Drink lots of water all of the time. Water transports those Important nutrients your body needs to build muscle, helps digest those nutrients into energy, and it helps carry fat out of the body. Oh, and did I mention water makes up 75% of your muscle tissue?


Rule 2: Leave the mixed drinks for the ladies. Alcohol lowers testosterone and adds no nutritional value to your diet. You are making a bad situation worse by adding sugar into the equation. Sugar’s found in drinks like lemonade, sweet tea, and coke spike your insulin through the roof, causing your body to go into “fat storing mode.” I recommend no drinking, but if you must; be a straight shooter or light beer kind of guy. An added bonus you look like a hard ass turning down the jungle juice for scotch on the rocks.


Rule 3: Get in the gym. I don’t care what you do, just get in their and burn some calories. This may seem easy but I will give a more rigged workout routine later on, just focus on water consumption, diet, and being active for now. It will get more rough later on believe me.




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