Why I Workout First Thing in the Morning

So a couple years ago a lot of bro scientist were putting stuff out about fasted cardio burns more fat than unfasted, and you should wake up every morning and do an hour of steady state cardio before anything else. After months of trying this method it didn’t really help me cut fat, but I did realize something else.

I really enjoy starting my day with exercise, so now I wake up extra early every morning and start my day by lifting. If you are a night owl instead of a morning person maybe working out late night would be better for you.

But working out odd hours is my thing now.

  1. Their is no rush: When I’m in the gym at 4 or 5 in the morning, nobody else is there trying to chat, sitting on a bench while talking on the phone, using the equipment I want to use, nope its just me and the gym and I love it.
  2. It gives me a reason to begin my day: If every morning you wake up and think about how crappy your job is and how much you don’t want to make breakfast or shower, this is for you. I wake up every morning thinking about doing what I love, resistance training. Then when I’m done I need a shower and food, its not up for debate.
  3. Endorphins: What if I told you I could give you a shot of chemicals every morning that make you feel happy? Well when you workout Endorphins are released by your body and this chemical will not only shut down pain receptors making you feel like super-man or wonder women. Endorphins also give you a happy feeling similar to morphine.
  4. Wakes you up: Getting you blood pumping is a good way to get you moving for the rest of the day so before going for the coffee go for a jog first.

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