Time Off is Just as Important as Time in

Everyone knows lift big to get big, and eat big to get big. But resting is just as important as the two I just listed.

With out rest your body never has time to fully recover impeding your gains and making you more prone to injury.

The first thing you should do when you consider resting is sleep at least 6 hours a day. I recommend more than 6

but I know we are busy people so that doesn’t always work, so a minimum if 6. Even if that means leaving other

tasks for another day.


Take time off, I know this sounds like a sin but it will truly benefit you in so many ways. I take about a week off after a month of lifting. That’s a full 7 days no less. 12 weeks of the year may seem like a lot of time off for some of you

so feel free to adjust accordingly.


I do a week every month because, well I’m a fat kid at heart so whenever I restrict my diet there is a fat person inside of me screaming where are the donuts and pizza?! I live that week like a vacation, eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and sleep when I want. In this week your body will be fully recovered and healed up making you stronger

then you were the week before.


In this week your body will reach homeostasis. So next time you lift your body will be shocked and you will get an incredible pump, and tear; it’s amazing believe me. Last but not least I take this week to plan my diet and exercise routine for the next month giving me time to refocus on whatever goal I have ahead of me, and if you are gym rat like me you will be drooling just thinking about your next set by the end of the week.


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