Fitness Hack #1

Do you ever have trouble sticking to your diet? do you ever find yourself wanting foods you know you shouldn’t eat? Well this simple trick I’m going to tell you should help form better eating habits. Because well that the point right?


It’s super simple at that. Eat vegetables with every meal, seems to easy; but most people  don’t even do it. Just whenever you think about what you are eating or going to eat ask yourself “are their vegetables in their?” and no ketchup, tomato paste, and anything else with added sugar does not count as a vegetable .


It take 21 day to build a habit and that’s science! so if you do this for about a month your meals will start looking weird without vegetables. Also you will eat a lot less junk food because vegetable are packed with the vitamins and macros your body craves.


Just a simple tip, leave questions and comments below and please subscribe!

By Michael Branin



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