The Game Changing Exercise

American Soldiers, have been rucking since the American Revolution. Turning our forces into the most feared fighting machines in the world.

Rucking, is simple its just walking with a weighted pack on your back. Rucking gets it’s name from “ruck sacks” which is what military folks like myself, call backpacks.

Soldier ruck up to 25 miles  with a backpack that weighs about 200 pounds, In basic training; and in the field. We are not talking a nice stroll through the city, they ruck up hills, mountains, through creeks, and meadow.


But in order to have the body of Rambo, you don’t need to be that extreme just add about 20 pounds to an old backpack and take a walk.

Why you should ruck.

  1. It Destroys Calories: The average 30 minute walk burns about 125 calories, throw on a ruck and you burn 325 calories. Consider that you would walk 3 times a week you will burn 48, 100 calories over the course of one year!
  2. It Can Help Relieve Back Pain: You probably spend a lot of your time sitting down and bent slightly forward, then when you hit the weights you tighten your back. This can cause a disc bulge. If you walk leaning forward slightly that can only make things worse. Throw on a ruck and your back is automatically forced to lean backwards to help support those muscles. Thus relieving your back pain, and improving posture.


3.Helps Build Endurance: Rucking turns your lazy walk into endurance endeavor. The cardio benefits are comparable to a long jog. But with less chance of injury.

4. Game Changer in the Gym: Learning to effectively cover ground with weight is the missing link that can change your fitness level. Rucking can build a better fitness foundation. Research shows carrying heavy loads is a foundational human skill, that most people don’t train.

If you need anymore reasons to ruck, which you should not shoot me a comment.

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