Get Ripped like the King of the Apes

Get Ripped Like the King of Apes
By Michael Branin

I’ve recently been reading Tarzan of the Apes, which is a grade read I recommend to anyone. In this book Tarzan wrestles Apes, lions, cheetahs, and other humans and is undefeated. His cunning human mind is want makes him king of the jungle, but what is most impressive to me is his combination of size, speed , strength, and agility. So I bring you a work out that will test your mental and physical toughness while training speed, strength and agility all in one.

5 set circuit: rest when need and after every set
farmers walk: 10ft

Bear Crawl: 10ft

Squat Jumps: 10

Box Jumps: 10

Pull ups: 10

Push ups: 10
end circuit
once the circuit is complete you will do slefge hammer to tire for a total of 5 minutes.

25 weighted crunches.
25 reverse weighted crunches.

This workout is only for the dedicated and probably not for beginners, but if you add it in to your routine once a week you will come out one bad motherfucker.

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