Tips for Beginning Gym Goers Part 4: Supplements

Tips for Beginning Gym Goers Part 4: Supplements
By Michael Branin

Ok, so we made it to part 4; the final part of my Tips for beginning gym goers series. In case you missed it we already talked about building good habits, diet, and exercise. The links to those articles can be found at the bottom of the page. I’m going to be blunt here, I’m not a big on supplements. I take a multi vitamin in the morning, coffee before I workout, and a protein shake after I hit the gym. But I will break down what every major supplement is and what it does for you. So you can make an educated decision.

Whey Protein: Whey is an abundant source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs),[ Which are used to stimulate protein synthesis. When leucine is ingested in high amounts. Such as with whey protein supplementation. There is greater stimulation of protein synthesis. Which may speed recovery and adaptation to stress (exercise). Consumption of whey protein shortly after vigorous exercise can boost muscle hypertrophy. Scientific evidence has shown that proteins high in essential amino acids (EAA), branched chain amino acids (BCAA), and particularly leucine (Leu) are associated with increased muscle protein synthesis, weight loss, body fat loss, and decreased plasma insulin and triglyceride profile.
Best brand of whey: Quest

Casein protein: Casein has the same health benefits as Whey but is a slow digesting protein. Casein is best taken when taken at the same time as whey. That way you get the instant protein charge then the slow burn of casein.
Best brand: Quest. I recommended Quest for both whey and casein because its the only brand on the market that mixes both whey and casein in one supplement, and its the best tasting product on the market.

Pre-workout supplements: Pre-workouts give you that extra boost before you hit the gym after a long days work. Although pre-workout supplementation is good, their have been many studies that have shown some supplements have tested positive for amphetamines. Also anything that spikes your heart rate puts you at risk for stroke.
Best Brand: C4, with a product that basically offers the same thing in every brand I have to go with C4. I love how blue Raspberry C4 tastes that’s why its my favorite.

Fish oil: Is a anti inflammatory which is great for relieving joint pain. Fish oils are also great for the heart.
Best Brand: any fish oil, is fish oil. There is no better or worse

Creatine:Creatine is one of the most misunderstood supplements on the market. Creatine in a nutshell is just a heaping scoop of electrolytes. All it does it get more water into your muscles so you can push out those extra reps, get more protein into your muscles faster, or let you walk around all day with a pump. The latter is not what it is intended for but it is used for it. Just sayin. The major take away from creatine though is it is known to do major damage to your kidney so make sure to drink a lot of water if using this product.
Best Brands: Optimum Nutrition. I chose ON well because Optimum Nutrition is a quality no BS company when it comes to supplements.

Nitrious Oxide: nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow and circulation. Improved circulation increases the maximum amount of nutrients and oxygen available to the muscles. More nutrients and oxygen enables the muscles to work harder and longer with reduced fatigue and recovery time.

Thank you for reading and if you missed any of the other articles in the Tips for Beginning Gym Goers Series here are the links:

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