Tightening the Tension

Hi, sorry I’ve been gone so long. I had a ruff week with personal business. But will make it up to you guys with a bunch of new posts. Starting with this one. I’m gonna take the time out today to cover my first reader requested topic. Tension/resistance bands.

The benefits of tension bands are endless.

  1. They are extremely cost effective running at about $10 a band
  2. They can be used for just about any common exercise.
  3. You can also work any major muscle group with resistance bands
  4. They are easily stored and great for travel.
  5. Add variety to your workouts
  6. Extremely safe to use on your own.
  7. 7.easily combined with other workout equipment
  8. If used correctly resistance bands can lead to an effective workout.

Here are some basic exercise you can do with Resistance bands.

Squats: While standing with your feet at shoulder width distance, hold the handles of the bands using both hands and stretch it up to shoulder level. Do a full squat but prevent your hands from moving. Do this gradually, then stand back up, and repeat the same routine.

Bent Over Rows: Place your left or right foot on the band while the other foot is kept at the back. Slowly bend forward until you are at 45-degree angle position. Gradually pull the band up to the level of your waist while your elbows are kept in. Proceed with the rowing motion while you are squeezing your shoulders. Go back to your starting position and do the same using the other foot.

Horizontal Chest Press: While lying with your back on the band, take both ends of it and hold it in. Slowly raise your left or right hand towards the ceiling and then bring it down slowly. Repeat the same motion using the other hand.

Vertical Chest Press: Get a chair, attach the band to it, and then stand on the band while your back is facing the chair. Take both ends of the band using your hands and then gradually extend both hands outwards. Bring your hands back to its starting position and repeat the same procedure.

Biceps Curl: While standing on the band, hold both ends using your hands. Slowly curl up your hands towards your shoulders. Ensure that both elbows are bent backwards. Keep the position for a couple of minutes before going back to your starting position and repeating the same routine.

Overhead Press: Stand over the center of a tube band with feet shoulder-width apart. Grip each handle, positioning your hands at shoulder level with palms facing each other so your thumbs touch your shoulders. Press straight up, rotating your palms forward as you fully extend your arms. Lower back down slowly and repeat.

Finally, if you want to take your strength training up a notch, try super-slow weight training, which actually produces many of the same health and fitness benefits as high-intensity interval training

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