Self Discipline is Why 8% of New Years Resolutions Fail.

Self Discipline is why 8% of new years resolutions fail.
By Michael Branin

So, You rang in the new year. Your hangover is gone, and you are ready to begin your new years resolution of getting fit. You go to your local gym sign up with a smile on your face and less than 1 month later you are already contemplating skipping the gym after work and just going home to watch Netflix with your dog. Instead of working out for an hour then watching Netflix with your dog.

You feel like you’ve already ran out of motivation and just don’t feel like it anymore and you don’t really understand why. Let me tell you Motivation runs out fast and comes and goes like a pendulum swing. Which is exactly why I decided to right about this today. Motivation is even more hard to come by when you take on a hard tasks or tasks that take time. Unfortunately for you getting in shape fits both of those categories. That is where self discipline comes in, you need to be able to tell yourself mentally even when you don’t want to do these things because you are tired, stressed, or just plain lazy you will do it anyway. You think Dwayne Johnson wants to get up every morning hit the gym, do a press conference, then film a movie. No way! But he does it.

How to stay disciplined.

Self Talk: Being a former navy enlisted self motivation and discipline is kind of second nature to me. Whenever I feel unmotivated I just have to pep talk myself. Telling my self, “This is how winners are made.” “Don’t be a pussy, man up and do it.” If I’m really tired I’ll just kind of snail through my workout really unmotivated like but hey, at least I’m still doing something.

Outside Sources: Another good thing to do is get an outside source of motivation and/or accountability for beginning gym goers this could be a personal trainer. They get you in the gym by holding you accountable by appointment, and motivate you while you are there. Until you form good habits, then you can dump them later.

Visualize:You could also try and visualize what you will look like after after a couple months of training, I do this almost everyday if it’s with my new career in blogging or in the gym, or in life generally. Visualizing your desires makes them seem more attainable and realistic. It also keeps you focused on your goals and the future not how crappy the present is.

Make Goals: Ok, so you have your main goal you wanna be an IG Fit Girl by 2017, but set smaller goals along the way lose x amount of pounds by February, go up 5 pounds on my squat every week, or cut so many inches off your waist by June. Setting smaller goals will let you know you are making progress along the way to your bigger goals.

Last but not least: Just do it, I do don’t care how badly you want pizza or to cuddle with Bruno. Do what you need to do now and you will thank yourself later.

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