Stay Fit Through the Holidays

Well I finally made it, my first blog post. In the spirit of the season. I’m going to give you some tips to hold off the pounds this holiday season.

  1. Keep active after big meals
    Go on walks or do some push ups after a big meal to kick start your metabolism. Just don’t push yourself too much or you may puke.
  2. Stay Hydrated
    Water is the key to any diet staying well hydrated will also improve your metabolism and help move that fat and nutrients around to where it needs to go.
  3. Stay well rested
    When you get tired your body doesn’t function like it is supposed to and one of the first things to slow down is your metabolism. So make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. As hard as that seems.
  4. Plan your workouts
    Plan your workouts around whatever tasks you have that day. Even if you cant get a full gym session in. some workout is better no workout.
  5. Eat Veggies
    Make sure to get a lot of veggies on every plate you eat this holiday season. All the fiber in those greens will help balance all the fat you are taking in. Veggies will fill you up too so you wont stuff yourself.
  6. Indulge for a night not an entire season
    Having a cheat meal at a family gathering is not going to make or break you. But if you ignore your diet for several days, week, or even months then you are in trouble.
  7. Food Journal
    Make a food journal to track all the calories you are taking in on a given day. That way it will be easier to maintain your diet even if you have some extra treats.
  8. Exercise at Home
    I know everyone gets busy around the holidays so, save time by skipping the drive to the gym and work out at home. An easy work out  is do 5 push-ups every 30 seconds for ten minutes. It starts easy but believe me you will be gassed by the end. Also you can substitute push-ups for squats, burpees jumping jacks, or any other exercise.
  9. Plan a family event
    Plan an active event when you’ve got the whole family together like a friendly game of two hand touch or Frisbee.
  10. Execute
    The most important part is to stick to your workout routine and diet as close as possible and don’t give up on your plan. You will thank yourself in the summer.

Thanks Reading! Tell me what you think in comments and let me know what you guys would like to read about next.

Michael Branin

4 thoughts on “Stay Fit Through the Holidays

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